How Idioms Work (opr. miękka)

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How Idioms Work How Idioms Work is designed for adult learners of English who, despite a good grasp of English, find idiomatic language in their workplace or university confusing or incomprehensible. This fully photocopiable Resource Book provides clear, literal representations of high-frequency idioms chosen specifically for their lexical value in the world today. Ten eight-page sections comprise activity cards, definitions, reading consolidation (using semi-authentic newspaper articles) and revision activities. It also includes teacher tips and recommendations, 20 suggested activity types, an answer key and templates for devising furhter activity cards. How Idioms Work is ideal for complementing any skills-based lessons, as well as a general filler to add fun and variety to teaching. Each section of photocopiable pages is organized as follows: * a summary of the idioms being covered * illustrations of the idioms * written idioms * definitions of the idioms * newspaper articles with idioms in use * revision exercises and a talking point. Key Features * High-frequency idioms chosen specifically for their lexical value in the workplace * Vivid illustrations show literal representation of idioms for high impact and retention * Ten six-page sections comprising: activity cards, definitions, reading consolidation using simulated newspaper articles, revision activities * Twenty suggested activity types for exploiting materials * Resource section containing further background information, answer keys, index and templates for devising more activity cards * Ideal for complementing functional course books * Ideal as both fun and purposeful filler activities Types of activity: picture match, find the definition, matching pairs, memory game, happy families, cloze, guess the idiom, bingo, mime, improvisation, real-life relate, anagrams, make a million, snap, pencil pictures, three in a row, right or wrong?, word chain, hit on a headline

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