Absorption & Scattering of Light (opr. miękka)

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Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles Treating absorption and scattering in equal measure, this self-contained, interdisciplinary study examines and illustrates how small particles absorb and scatter light. The authors emphasize that any discussion of the optical behavior of small particles is inseparable from a full understanding of the optical behavior of the parent material-bulk matter. To divorce one concept from the other is to render any study on scattering theory seriously incomplete. Special features and important topics covered in this book include: Classical theories of optical properties based on idealized models Measurements for three representative materials: magnesium oxide, aluminum, and water An extensive discussion of electromagnetic theory Numerous exact and approximate solutions to various scattering problems Examples and applications from physics, astrophysics, atmospheric physics, and biophysics Some 500 references emphasizing work done since Kerker's 1969 work on scattering theory Computer programs for calculating scattering aby spheres, coated spheres, and infinite cylinders

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