Novel Insights in Agent-Based Complex Automated Negotiation



This book focuses on all aspects of complex automated negotiations, which are studied in the field of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems. This book consists of two parts, namely Part I: Agent-based Complex Automated Negotiations and Part II: Automated Negotiation Agents Competition.

The chapters in Part I are extended versions of papers presented at ACAN 2012, after peer reviews aby three PC members. Part II examines in detail ANAC 2012 (The Third Automated Negotiating Agents Competition), in which automated agents who have different negotiation strategies and are implemented by different developers are automatically negotiated in the several negotiation domains.

ANAC is an international competition in which automated negotiation strategies, submitted aby a number of universities and research institutes across the world, are evaluated in a tournament style. The purpose of the competition is to steer the research in the area of bilateral multi-issue, closed negotiation.

This book also includes the rules, results, agents and domain descriptions for ANAC 2011 as submitted żeby the organizers and finalists.

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