MongoDB in Action MEAP + Print book (includes Ebook)



DESCRIPTION Application developers love MongoDB, a document-oriented NoSQL database, for its speed, flexibility, jednoczybility, and ease of use. MongoDB is well-suited as a back-end for modern web applications. Its schema-free design encourages rapid application development, and built-in replication and auto-sharding architecture allow for massive parallel distribution. Production deployments at SourceForge, Foursquare, and Shutterfly demonstrate daily that MongoDB is up to real-world challenges. MongoDB in Action, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide to MongoDB version 2.6. It begins with a general overview of current database systems, explaining what makes MongoDB unique and describing its ideal use cases. Then, a series of tutorials lead into detailed examples for leveraging MongoDB in e-commerce, social networking, and other common applications. A reference section on schema design patterns helps ease the transition from the relational data model of SQL to MongoDB's document-based data model. RETAIL SELLING POINTS Explains the how and why for using MonogDB Comprehensive coverage of MongoDB version 2.6 Gives beginners a flying start with MongoDB operations and development AUDIENCE Written for application developers. No experience with MongoDB or NoSQL databases is required. Examples are in Ruby, but all teaching and techniques transfer easily to readers' language of choice. ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY MongoDB is an open source, document-based database management system. Designed for the data and scalability requirements of modern Internet applications, MongoDB features dynamic queries and secondary indexes, fast atomic updates and complex aggregations, support for replication with automatic failover, and sharding for zbratang horizontally.

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