Art and Shamanhood - Elvira Eevr Djaltchinova-Malec, Elvira Eevr Djaltchinova-Malec (PDF) od 25 20



This volume is the result of the 10th International Society for Shamanistic Research Conference held in Warsaw 5–9 October 2011. The Conference was organized by: the Polish Institute of World Art Studies, the Institute of Eastern Studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University, the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw and the International Society for Shamanistic Research.Contents:Umberto SansoniThe shamanic-ecstatic hypothesis for the Alpine rock art of ValcamonicaKenneth LymerSensuous Visions: Encountering the shamanistic rock art of the Bayan Jurek Mountains, KazakhstanInga-Maria MulkDepictions in Sami rock art of the Mother Earth figureZaur HasanovArgimpasa – Scythian goddess, patroness of shamans: a comparison of historical, archaeological, linguistic and ethnographic dataGiovannni KezichThe bear and the plough: Shamanism in the NeolithicPi-Chen LiuFrom shamanic rituals to theatre and cultural industry: The state, shamanism and gender among the Kavalan (Taiwan)Eva Jane Neumann FridmanMongolian shamanism envisaged, embodiedLia ZolaWomen shamans and their portrayal in the Olonkho Sakha epic poemsDagmar EignerThe poetics of healing: Shamanic rituals in Central NepalDiana RiboliInadvertent art.

Icons, music and dance in Chepang (Nepal) and Semang-Negrito (Peninsular Malaysia) shamanismHee Sook Lee-NiiniojaArtistic expressions of the visual language on Sami ritual drumsVesa Matteo PiluduThe ritual art and paraphernalia of the Nepalese jhankris and Tamang bomboDenita BenyshekArtists as shamans: Historical review and recent theoretical modelBarbara WilhelmiPerspectives on the arts of ParbatiDaniel A.

KisterShamanic artistry in a French Absurdist playCarla Corradi MusiThe shamanic works of Minsalim Timergazeev and other artists of the First International Woodcarving Festival of UvatJürgen Werner KremerNorval Morrisseau – Shaman-ArtistSusan MichaelsonThe hand on the wall of the cave.

Exploring connections between shamanism and the visual artsGilah Yelin HirschArtist as Shaman

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